Will the Marlins move Dan Uggla to third base or will they pursue someone via free agency or trade?
-- Lucas M., Miami


Most likely, Uggla will remain at second base. He has played third in the Minor Leagues, but the indications are he will not make the shift, at least not by the time Spring Training begins in February. The team is in the process of searching for third base options. They inquired about making a trade with the Phillies for Wes Helms, and Jorge Cantu, who was released recently by the Reds, is on the club's radar. There is a chance the team will bring in several candidates and let them battle it out. Acquiring Brandon Inge from the Tigers is not in serious consideration. 馬林魚官網回答

 基本上會設法找費城的 Wes Helms或被紅人的Jorge Cantu來頂三壘手,uggla原則上還是會留在二壘。至於老虎Inge大抵上不會考慮。


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